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I have such a problem with displaying my detailed statistics.
I have an account at Universe @ Home since 2017. Of course, it has the same nickname as those displayed in the statistics and yet it does not include this project in the list or in the "Next badges" tab. The situation is similar with the following projects:
- Einstein @ Home,
- NumberFields @ Home
- World Community Grid
- Radioactive @ Home,
- LHC @ Home

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Re: Incomplete statistics

Because no one answered my query, what is wrong is that there are no projects in statistics, I decided to search the web and found the answer myself.
The point is that some projects have a check option in their account settings to send data to pages that collect statistical data. If someone does not check this, then this project will not be displayed on the site and we will not have points calculated for it, and therefore there will be no badges.

It is so for posterity, because no one deigned to enlighten me. I get the impression that this page doesn't give a shit about admin.

PS. you can close the topic.

Re: Incomplete statistics

Thank you - I was about to post a similiar thread about Universe@Home

Re: Incomplete statistics

Thanks! This checkbox in Project Preferences solved my problem with Numberfields@Home.

World Community Grid has a special "Verification Code" which has to be entered here to link your credit to your signature. I think it is the only BOINC project to do this (WCG does a lot of "nonstandard" things with their project).

LHC@Home is only showing one of my two badges (Atlas, not Electron), even this checkbox is checked there. As noted in this other thread, there seems to be a problem with the badge_users.gz files published by LHC@Home.