As the title says WCG is finally exporting stats once again. Yea!!!
And yes badge exports too. And it seems without the need for any data processing agreements either. … offset,130


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Hi Seb, as the title says goofyxgrid badges aren't updating any longer

The latest stats & badge updates are now at a new URL.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hey Sebastien any update on the new badges for "Xansons for COD" or GPUgrid?


PS: Thanks for this awesome one of a kind resource.  It's the kind of thing boinc itself should have implemented long ago,  well done!


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Hi, is there a problem with adding Drug Discovery badges?

Any updates on this?


Thanks very much Sebastien, you rule!!!

Hi Sebastien,
Great work with the sig generator, the best of it's kind by far.

Also for your information there are now 3 extra scientific publications badges from GPUGRID.  2 from Feburary of this year & a new one recently.  They are.....

Bisignano et al. JCIM 2014
Doerr et al. JCTC 2014
Stanley et al, Nat Commun 2014

Could you please add these badges at your own convenience. 

Again great site, very useful indeed.  Thanks for your time JugNut.